D – Game Rules (Classroom)

The game consists of several rounds. Try to only Implement one improvement per round. Waste is hidden in various area of the game. Do not try to tackle all optimizations within just one round.

Move the Game Elements close to reality

Move the game elements (i. e. fork lifts, operators, an operator carrying a box, assembly parts, …) close to reality. That means to not let pallets fly above stations to move them from A to B. Try to have realistic speed when moving these elements.

The fork lift has to drive on the aisle. Try to keep sufficient aisle widths for all logistics operations.

Use the WIP Box to move assemblies

Each stations assembles components. Place these assemblies into the WIP box and move these boxes to the next station. Do not move assemblies without a box by hand to the next station unless implementing a One-Piece-Flow.

Use the Fork Lift to move pallets & WIP Boxes

Pallets or large boxes need a fork lift to move. Do not move them without a fork lift.

Small Boxes can be carried by hand

Small boxes can be carried by an operator by hand.

The game moderators acts like a referee and should prevent players from disrespecting the rules too frequently

Download the Game Rules (PDF)