Classroom Round #08 – Implementing a One-Piece-Flow

The management noticed the improvement on the shop floor and decided to utilize further potentials by implementing the one-piece-flow production principle.

Your Tasks in this Game Round

Modify the plant layout further to implement a One-Piece-Flow. Therefore all stations have to be in sequence and close to each other.

Remove all WIP Boxes, WIP Box Floor Markings from the game. The assembly products are now handed between the stations by hand piece by piece.

Assemble 10 pens according to the Customer Request in a One-Piece-Flow and measure the time with a Stopwatch.

Note the time onto the Scorecard.

Discuss the pros and cons of implementing a One-Piece-Flow in the team.

Gameplay Video (Designing the One-Piece-Flow Layout)

Gameplay Video (Assembly Process)