Classroom Round #09 – Optimized Assembly Sequence

Disassemble all pens and place them back to the supermarket.

Introduction to the Game Round

An employee handed-in an idea for an assembly sequence optimization. He supposed an improved assembly sequence in order to reduce handling steps. The management evaluated the idea and requested a trial on the shop floor.

Your Tasks in this Game Round

Have a look at the Explosion Drawing. Can you think of an improved assembly sequence?
Think of starting assembling the Pen Cap or the Pen Tip at station.
Discuss in the group and define a new sequence.

Flip the current Work Instructions on your station up-side down to hide the previous assembly sequence.

The products labels at the SMED station 6 can now be mounted underneath the bracket without any string. Re-arrange station 6 accordingly and remove all unnecessary equipment and tools.

Assemble 10 pens according to the customer request. Measure the time of the improved sequence with a stopwatch.

Note the time onto the Scorecard.

Discuss the pros and cons of implementing a One-Piece-Flow in the team.

Content of this Game Round

Work Instruction #3 for Station 6

Gameplay Video (Assembly Process)