Classroom Round #05 – SMED / Change-over Workshop

Disassemble all pens and place them back to the Warehouse. Place the WIP Boxes back to each WIP Out Floor Marking.

Let’s perform a Change-over Workshop

The change-over time of station 6 is pretty high. Some of the operators are requesting for a Change-over Workshop. Let’s perform a Change-over Workshop in this game round to optimize the change-over process.

Watch the SMED Video:

Your Tasks in this Game Round

Do a time measurement of the current change-over time at station 6. Change the color of the roll at the station once. Use the enclosed tools for this.

Note this time onto the Scorecard.

Perform a SMED / change-over process at station 6. Focus on the mechanical change-over procedure and material exchange.
Measure the time of the improved change-over process.

Note the time onto the Scorecard and compare the time with the change-over time measured before the Change-over workshop.

Discuss the pros and cons of the new change-over process.
Are there any better ideas available you might think of?

Content of this Game Round

Screws and Nuts for SMED optimization
Plastic SMED Frame for SMED optimization