C – Preparation of the Game (Classroom)

Get familiar with the Game and its Game Rounds

At first the coach should get familiar with the game and its game rounds. He has to understand the game and the rounds in order to be able to answer emerging questions to the participants and to guide some ideas into a certain direction. Therefore, please have a deeper look on the prepared round cards and the game play beforehand.

We recommend the coach to play the game on his own or in a small group, in order to get a better feeling about the structure of the game.

Prepare the Classroom surrounding

Before starting the game, the factory model is prepared according to the provided image on the next sides. Feel free to deviate from that initial set-up to play different or your own scenarios.

Materials that the coach has to organize before starting the game:

Table Classroom
Table arrangement in the classroom
  • Flipchart / Whiteboard
  • Board marker (recommended in different colors)
  • Prepare the Scorecard on the Flipchart (find the draft of the score card below)
  • Stopwatch (you can also use your mobile phone for time measurements)
  • Prepare the material and WIP (transportation) boxes (see video)

Please ensure to have a dedicated meeting room or classroom with tables and chairs prepared for the game. The tables should be arranged in a way in which all areas of the game stay accessible (For example a L-shaped table arrangement).

Some elements are not released at the beginning of the game. Define an area next to the tables on which all these items are stored and can be picked during the game.

Download the Scorecard (PDF)