Classroom Round #02 – Let’s start the assembly process

There are a few rules to follow during the game. Watch the game rules video for this:

Your Tasks in this Game Round

Supply material to each work station. Therefore, the fork lift driver feeds material boxes on pallets from the warehouse to each station.
Don’t forget to stick to the game rules! Pay attention to the correct material destinations at the work stations. Do only supply materials for just one pen color to the stations.

Place the Customer Request onto the shipping area.
Caution: The two pen variants have different lead colors.

Start the pen assembly process to assemble the requested pens according to the Customer Request. Measure the time it takes to assemble the pens with a Stopwatch.

Note: After each station, the pre-assembled parts in the WIP Boxes must be moved with the fork lift to the next station.

Note the measured time onto the Scorecard.

Discuss and note the pros and cons of this round in the group.
Where do you see issues and bottlenecks during the assembly process?

Lean will give big improvements in managing product variants. Let’s see in the upcoming rounds which Lean tools will do the trick.

Content of this Game Round

Customer Request

Gameplay Video (Assembly Process)