E – Initial Situation (Classroom)

Before starting the game, establish the initial game layout according to the image below.

Make sure that…

  • the station labels are positioned
  • Some dust (such as colored chips or confetti) is spread inside some material boxes and over the shop floor
  • Place some unnecessary items (boxes, raw parts) randomly on the shop floor. These items will be removed in a 5S workshop later in the game
  • All stations are located accordingly, the fork lift is in place and shipping and warehouse are located and filled according to the photo
  • Fill the warehouse with Large Boxes of assembly parts as shown in the image. Same applies to the two colored string coils

Game Materials awaiting approval

  • 1x SMED frame
  • 1x SMED optimized screw
  • 1x Plastic hand nut
  • 6x 2-Bin-Shelves
  • 8x Plastic material boxes (4x blue & 4x black)
  • 12x Wooden material boxes
  • 2x Supermarket
  • 1x Route train (incl. 3 trolleys)
  • 1x Empties Area #2
  • 1x Heijunka Board + 2x Heijunka Cards + 1x Heijunka Cards Floor Marking
Game materials awaiting approval

Download the Initial Situation (PDF)