Bonus #02- The Kanban Pull Process

Disassemble all pens and place them back to the supermarket.

Let’s have a look on Kanban and its principle. Kanban is a consumption-based pull principle. It forces the operations to produce according to the actual demand.

Your Task in this Game Round

Watch the Kanban Introduction Video:

Video available soon

The assembly is reduced with just three assembly parts as per the updated Explosion Drawing #2.

Arrange station 1 and 2 according to the image

Let’s assume in each Kanban Box just fits two assembled components. Stick to this rule during this game round.
Whenever station 2 empties a small box of pre-assembled parts, the box is handed back to station 1. Station 1 produces according to the label mounted onto the box.
Once station 1 finished a box with two components, the box is handed-over to station 2.

Discuss in the group: Which advantages and disadvantages brings a Kanban system?

Gameplay Video (Kanban Pull principle)