Classroom Round #06 – Lot sizes and Lean Packaging

The management decided to ban all fork lifts from the shop floor for safety reason and due to inefficiency.

Your Tasks in this Game Round

Replace the fork lift with the Route Train and hand-out the Work Instructions #3 to the logistics operator.

Watch the Route Train Video Instruction:

Replace the Warehouse with the Supermarket (+ Label) and store all materials in Small Material Boxes (5 parts per box). Replace the Empties Area #1 with the Empties Area #2. Remove any pallets and big boxes from the game, except the WIP Boxes.

Remove half common parts of the pen from the game (spring and connector). We just need parts for 10 pens in the game.

Supermarket u. Route Train

Content of this Game Round

Route Train incl. 3 Trolleys
Work Instruction #3 for the logistics operator
2x Supermarket
Small Material Boxes
Empties Area #2 for Small Material Boxes

Gameplay Video (Implementing Lean packaging)