Bonus #01- Implementing the Heijunka principle

Disassemble all pens and place them back to the supermarket.

Your Task in this Game Round

Place the Heijunka Board next to the Shipping Area. This board is the voice of the customer and therefore placed close to the customer / Shipping Area.

Place the Heijunka Cards onto the board according to the customer request. Each card represents a customer request of 5 pens.

Watch the Heijunka Introduction Video:

Video available soon

Whenever the Route Train starts refilling all materials, he first takes the next Heijunka Card from the board and places the card onto the Route Train. This card dictates him the correct materials to pick for this cycle. Once the materials are supplied, he places the Heijunka Card onto the Heijunka Order Stack. Repeat the process with the next Heijunka Card.

Assemble 10 pens according to the Customer Request. Stick to the Heijunka Board principle to keep tracking on the production sequence.

Note the time onto the Scorecard.

Discuss how this principle helps to visualize the production schedule at a bigger scale.

Content of this Game Round

Heijunka Board
2x Heijunka Cards
Heijunka Order Stack

Gameplay Video (Assembly Process)