Classroom Round #04 – The Lean Layout optimization

Now, get some distance to the model and think about an optimized plant layout.

Your Tasks in this Game Round

Move the stations, Warehouse and Material Floor Markings to optimize the process flow. Think of shorter distances between the stations. Keep logistic aisle for the fork lift driver as required.

Determine the routes of the logistics and mark them with the enclosed marking tape.

Feed material to all stations.

Assemble 10 pens according to the Customer Request with the updated layout and measure the assembly time with the stopwatch.

Note the time on the Scorecard.

Try to simulate a U-shape or a straight layout with all stations close to each other.
Feel free to separate the Warehouse from the Shipping Area and bring them close to its operation.

Content of this Game Round

Marking Tape

Gameplay Video (Designing the Lean Layout)

Gameplay Video (Assembly Process)