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Why do you have to implement a Team Board?


The distribution of tasks in the team is visually recorded. There are no place for duplications and inconsistencies. The status and progress of tasks are visualized.

Task Tracking

The daily update of the Team Board helps you to keep an eye on the current status of the tasks. This in turn helps you to derive measures that keep you on track.


In a 15-minute regular meeting, the team compares yesterday’s status and addresses problems that have arisen.


The team board helps the team to work solution-oriented. Emerging problems are addressed immediately and thus nipped in the bud.


A structured team board (see template team board) is the basic requirement for the development of a standard routine in the daily regular meeting.


The team board promotes communication through open-minded discussions and sustainably strengthens the feeling of togetherness.

Example: The Control Center of a Power Plant

The control center is the brain of a power plant. All information flows here and reflects the current status of the plant.

If malfunctions or unexpected failures occur, these are reported to the control center by the control mechanisms. Visual or even auditory signals draw attention to the irregularity. Here, attempts are made to identify problems at an early stage and to develop suitable solutions in a team.