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How does the Workflow work?

1. Start

The workflow starts with a new task or work package (1). Those tasks will be dropped to a postbox. This is either a physical inbox or digital mailbox. Tasks received via phone are handled equally. A reply to (e-)mails should be given within 24 hours, either with a short notification of a planned feedback or the outcome of the activity.

All activities which can be finished within less than 5 min should be processed immediately after receiving.

2. Complexity

Based on a quick evaluation of the complexity of tasks (2), they get handed over to a processing funnel. All related documents for the tasks (like presentations, Excel sheets, Word documents) will be archived digitally or physically. Once the tasks is to be processed, the worker picks all related documents from the archive for processing.

3. Processing

At the very beginning of a week (or at the very end of a week) the next week gets planned and tasks scheduled. Estimate the available capacity for the week and plan tasks accordingly. Try to fill the calendar with time slots reserved for each tasks. The tasks get processed by the team or worker according to this scheduling.

At the end of a week, the tasks, outcome and results get evaluated. Prepare a KPI or tracking according to finished, open and postponed or cancelled activities.