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Time Management & Efficiency: Introduction

Lean tries to increase the proportion of value-adding activities to a maximum by eliminating waste.

In the office it is difficult to assess the overall performance at a glance. This makes it even more important to educate employees about how to use their time. Many are unaware of their wasteful behavior.

Classification in the Lean Toolbox

Level 4 – Continuous Improvement

Time is Money: so keep the Time lean!

Harvard’s study “The Leader’s Calendar” found out that one of the main reasons executives lack time is due to unproductive meetings.

Management employees who are usually well paid often sit in those meetings. A salary of EUR 100,000 annually for a middle-management manager is common in Central Europe. If you calculate with an hourly rate of EUR 60 per person, the cost of a one-hour meeting with 6 participants is EUR 600 per hour. In simple terms, that means that the result after this meeting should bring the company at least 600 EUR profit.