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How can the use of the Team Board be ensured?

1. Build a Routine

Set regular appointments and establish a routine

Important: Every team board meeting runs according to a structured sequence.

Coordinate the framework conditions in the Team:

  • Interval of Meetings
  • Duration
  • Attendees
  • etc.

Recommended: 15 min. daily before start working

2. Set Rules

  • Mandatory participation
  • 2 people lead the team through the meeting: 1 moderator, 1 director
  • Detailed discussions are not allowed during the meeting
  • etc.

The Team Board Meeting needs one Moderator & one Director

Rolling moderation of the Team Board Meeting: two colleagues from the team lead the meeting.

Tasks of the Moderator

  • Impartial appearance
  • Takes the team through the agenda of the meeting
  • Coordinates solutions and agreements within the team
  • Brings the employees together for debriefings

Tasks of the Director

  • Logs the important points from the meeting
  • Ensures that the meeting stays on schedule
  • Intervenes when he notices that discussions are coming up
  • Updates the team board afterwards