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How do you implement Home Office?

The tool Home Office is based on two major pillars. Both are mandatory to consider in order to keep the efficiency of all activities high.

The two pillars of Home Office are:
1. Self-Management
2. Decentralized Teamwork

1. Self-Management

to focus on the performance and coordination of each individually.

2. Decentralized Teamwork

to coordinate the interactions and relations of each team member with each other.

Follow the instructions in the checklist below to make sure to have your equipment set and prepared for home office activities:

Avoid Distraction

Choose a work environment at home at which distractions are limited to a minimum. Make sure to have a proper desk, chair, sufficient WIFI connection and plugs for electricity. Take your time to rearrange the room before your very first home office session if necessary.

Laptop vs. Tablet

We recommend to work at a laptop or PC work station instead of an iPad tablet or similar for a higher efficiency. Make sure to have a proper keyboard and mouse instead of a laptop trackpad.

Headset and Web Camera

Get used to a headset for telephone or video conferences. Make sure they are set-up and working.

Use a Smart Phone Device

Use a smart phone for communication. Make sure the smart phone is charged during the night. The mobile number should be placed in the email software (like Microsoft Outlook) and accessible for the team.

Charger and Electricity

Get your laptop plugged to a charger when working at the desk. This increases flexibility in the case you have to move to the office or to any other place temporarily. We recommend two chargers in the case you are moving frequently between the office (or other places) and home.

Keep Focus

Ban your private mobile from the home office if possible. Keep the door closed in the case more parties are at home. Visualize daily activities by using To-Do lists provided by software (see chart below). Define slots for breaks (i.e. coffee) after finishing work packages or single tasks.

Define Routine

We recommend to keep similar routines like in the office. Wake up a similar times like you would when going to the office. Also dress pretty much the same way. This helps to set your mind accordingly. Define time slots for breaks and follow workflows like shown in the Lean Office Workflow Tool (→ LeanActivity Office Toolbox).

Recommendation of Software Tools: