LeanAcademy (Season 2)

The Lean Office & Administration Toolbox
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Safety & Ergonomics

How can you improve the communication?

The quality of communication can be improved by various measures.

So it makes sense to think about communication.

Team board as a central element for communication

Communication only works with at least two people. By communicating, people exchange information. The more the information and the people become, the more difficult communication becomes.

For this reason, it is important to create a basis for communication: a daily team meeting on the Team Board.

The Office Layout

Record the office layout and make it visible in the team’s entrance area. The office layout includes the names of the employees and their function or area of responsibility. External colleagues can thus go directly to the employee’s workplace.

Allocation of Responsibilities and Tasks

The written assignment of tasks and responsibilities creates communicative clarity…
…within the department as well as in projects.

Overview of Responsibilities and Tasks within the team

Overview of Responsibilities and Tasks of one person

Implement a Availability Plan

An availability plan gives an overview of the availability status of colleagues. Local absences, vacation, home office, business trips, etc. are visualized here.

How to use the Template?
Print out the months separately. After the current month has expired, the next month can be moved up to the current month. The “new” next month is added below.

If necessary, use colors for the labeling.