D – Needed materials from the Bundle (Webinar)

To play the Webinar Edition, you need the following materials from the LeanActivity Enterprise Bundle:

Components:Paper Materials:
2x Workbenches1x Customer Request for Webinar Edition
1x SMED Station incl. screws, coils, scissor, ruler, spanner, allen key1x Shipping Area
2x Label Boxes (1x blue, 1x black)10x Labels (5x blue, 5x black)
4x Operators3x Station signs for Station 1, 2 & 3
1x Warehouse1x Red-Tag-Area
1x Fork Lift1x Material Floor Marking for SMED Tools
7x Euro pallets2x Floor Markings for WIP In
2x WIP boxes2x Floor Markings for WIP Out
6x Large material boxes (blue)4x Floor Markings for pallets #2
2x Supermarket1x Label Box Floor Marking
4x Material boxes for pen shafts (2x blue, 2x black)1x Empties Area #2
8x Small material boxes
3x 2-Bin-Shelves
1x Route Train incl. 2x trolleys
1x SMED plastic frame
1x Optimized screw
1x Plastic hand nut
Materials that symbolize dust and dirt