F – Initial Situation (Webinar)

Before starting the game, establish the initial game layout according to the image below.

Make sure that…

  • the station labels are positioned
  • Some dust (such as colored chips or confetti) is spread inside some material boxes and over the shop floor
  • Place some unnecessary items (boxes, raw parts) randomly on the shop floor. These items will be removed in a 5S workshop later in the game
  • All stations are located accordingly, the fork lift is in place and shipping and warehouse are located and filled according to the photo
  • Fill the warehouse with Large Boxes of assembly parts as shown in the image. Same applies to the two colored string coils

Game Materials awaiting approval

Place the materials as shown in the photo away from the initial situation. The materials are implemented round by round in the game.

  • 1x SMED frame
  • 1x SMED optimized screw
  • 1x Plastic hand nut
  • 3x 2-Bin-Shelves
  • 4x Material boxes for pen shafts (2x blue & 2x black)
  • 8x Small material boxes
  • 2x Supermarket
  • 1x Route train (incl. 2 trolleys)
  • 1x Empties Area #2
  • 1x Heijunka Board + 2x Heijunka Cards + 1x Heijunka Cards Floor Marking (Bonus Round)

Download the Initial Situation (PDF)