Webinar Round #09 – Optimized Assembly Sequence

Disassemble all pens and place them back to the supermarket.

Introduction to the Game Round

An employee handed-in an idea for an assembly sequence optimization. He supposed an improved assembly sequence in order to reduce handling steps. The management evaluated the idea and requested a trial on the shop floor.

Your Tasks in this Game Round

The products labels at the SMED station 6 can now be mounted underneath the bracket without any string. Re-arrange station 3 accordingly and remove all unnecessary equipment and tools.

Assemble 6 pens according to the customer request. Measure the time of the improved sequence with a stopwatch.

Note the time onto the Scorecard.

Discuss the pros and cons of implementing a One-Piece-Flow in the team.

Content of this Game Round

1x Workbench for station 3

Gameplay Video (Re-arrangement of Station 3)

Gameplay Video (Assembly Process)