Creating a Value Stream Design (VSD)

“The recording of a Value Stream helps you to create a clear Lean Vision”

Old Mindset vs. Lean Mindset

_02_VSD_Old Mindset

  • Focused on machines and todays borders
  • Manufacturing processes divided into manufacturing cells
  • Focused on increasing machine output and not on customer demands
  • High level of inventory and safety stock inside and outside the factory
  • High level of buffer hiding waste (e. g. waiting time


  • Process visualization based on green field planning
  • No borders and barriers at all, focus lies on process interactions
  • Planning according to a short lead and throughput time
  • Visual Management based on a low inventory and stock level
  • Visual Management = Quality Management

What is a Value Stream?

  • A chart visualizing the material and information stream

  • Considers the entire supply chain including suppliers and customers

  • Using predefined symbols like for Kanban box or supermarkets

  • Points out all weaknesses of your supply and process chain and focus on your value adding activities

_02_VSD_Value Stream Example

Detect Value and Waste

_02_VSD_Waste and Value

  • Go through your factory or your supply chain and capture all you see

  • Decide for all you see weather it is value-adding or none value-adding, and whether it is necessary or not

  • Sketch the value-and-waste matrix and sort all items accordingly

  • The focus of your value-stream design must lie on the necessary value-adding activities. Eliminate all the rest


Training document – Creating a VSD (pptx)
Training document – Creating a VSD (PDF)
Template – VSD Symbols (xlsx)
Template – Value Stream Mapping (xlsx)