_01_Lean Introduction

Lean Introduction

What does Lean stand for?

One of the basic idea of Lean is to guide the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). For CIP we need to identify and eliminate waste with a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) routine. This creates the opportunity to implement new and better standards for our process.

Old Approach vs. Lean Approach

In the Lean Approach, the customer is the starting point for our improvements and actions. Customer focus is one of the basic principles in Lean Management. Lean supports the entire business from the first customer idea to the final delivery of the product or service.

The Lean Production House

The Lean Production House brings the vision, the tools and the guiding principle to eliminate all wastes in the company together.

Lean offers a range of tools and methods. In the Manufacturing Season, we will introduce you step-by-step the 24 tools from the Toyota production system. With these tools you will be able to bring the Lean idea into your company.

Lean examples from everyday life


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