Demo Game Round #01 – Let’s start the assembly process

Demo Game Round #01 – Let’s start the assembly process

This game round comes after a first introduction to the game. As this is a demo illustration, it just contains portions of the full game round.

Let’s start the assembly process. Let me first give you a short introduction of the product.

Activity: The game moderator disassembles the product (pen) to its single components in front of the players. If each player has a product in front of the desk, they can disassembles the product thereself to get a better understanding of its single components.

Choose your role inside the game. Each player can only play one role. Use the demo hand-out for further instructions.

Activity: Give a look to the hand-out provided before the game. The download is available here. Cross your role in the game on the hand-out and follow the instructions.

The assembly process starts with the material supply. Watch the supply of the materials carefully once the process starts in the following steps.

The customer requests 6 products in two different colors. Let’s see if the operators work accordingly.

Let’s start the assembly process. Watch the video carefully and take notes onto the hand-out. Demo information: This is the introduction to the very first game round with lots of inefficiency in place. Please note that the players will have been introduced at this point to the game already.

Demo information: The following video is part of the very last game round including a One-Piece-Flow and highest productivity. The players will be guided towards such a process in 12 game rounds.

Discuss and note the pros and cons of this round in the group. Where do you see issues and bottlenecks during the assembly process? Use the Score Card to rate the results.