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Why do you have to implement the Lean Office Workflow?

In the office, we separate into two major activities. Short-term and long-term tasks and activities. Depending on the time duration and the priority of these tasks, they follow different work streams.

The key process to these activities is the Lean Office Workflow.


Defining a work routine increases the transparency of progress, success and visualization of waste and inefficiency.

Increased Efficiency

Tasks and goals are set per week. A limitation of tasks per week make goals reachable, thus increasing motivation and finally efficiency.

Planning and Forecasting

The Lean Office Workflow is based on a weekly scheduling of tasks and levels workload depending on capacity.

Improved On-Time-Delivery

Proper planning of tasks have a major impact on On-Time-Delivery and the output quality of tasks.


Deviations from the Workflow procedure becomes measurable. Actions can be planned easily.


Improve communication and collaboration within the teams based on aligned work streams and planning of activities and tasks.