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Why do you have to implement 5S Office?

Disorder disrupts effectiveness

The 5S is one of the basic tools of the lean philosophy. We have already got to know 5S in the shop floor. But what does it mean to use 5S in the office?
  • 5S in the office also forms the basis for the use of additional lean tools.
  • However, it makes no sense to take the 5S procedure from the shop floor one to one into the administrative areas.
  • We have to adapt the tool smartly to the office landscape.

Some Benefits that 5S brings


Visualization means gaining control about your quality. 5S has a significant effect on process visualization


The effects of the 5S eliminate sources of error. This ultimately leads to more stable processes.


Improve your work culture and mindset of your organization.

Increase productivity

5S creates visible order in the workplace. At the same time, this means that employees should not be put off by other tasks that are chaotically on the desk.


Once you standardize a process you can measure it and point out all deviations from that standard

Feel-good atmosphere

Visible order creates space for positive well-being. It also creates a good overall impression of the entire office