LeanAcademy (Season 2)

The Lean Office & Administration Toolbox
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Safety & Ergonomics

Why are Time Management & Efficiency so important?

Find the Waste

Waste is not so easily seen in the office as most of the work takes place in the minds of employees. It is even more important to create awareness of time and efficiency.

Show the Efficiency

Many employees think that they are already working efficiently. Make it clear to employees how efficiently they are working.

Maximize the Success

Increasing efficiency means higher work output and thus higher profit.

Increase in Dynamism

Efficiency leads to a noticeable overall dynamic in the department or in the company.

The new Success Factor: Office

Lean has been around for several decades and is an established term in many productions. In the office, however, there is still a lot of untouched potential that needs to be uncovered!

Compress the stress factor

Bad Time Management leads to an unstructured accumulation of tasks.