LeanAcademy (Season 2)

The Lean Office & Administration Toolbox
Obeyaka / Lean Layout
Safety & Ergonomics

What is a Value Stream?

A chart visualizing the material and information stream

Considers the entire supply chain including suppliers and customers

Using predefined symbols

Points out all weaknesses of your supply and process chain and focus on your value adding activities

Old vs. Lean Mindest

Old Mindset

  • Focused on individual activities and todays borders
  • Business processes divided into departmental thinking
  • Focused on “own” output and not on customer demands
  • High level of inefficiency within administrative areas
  • High level of intransparency hiding waste (e. g. waiting time)

Lean Mindset

  • Process visualization based on green field planning
  • No borders and barriers at all, focus lies on process interactions
  • Planning according to a short lead and throughput time
  • Visual Management based on clear processes and helps by daily activities
  • Visual Management supports Quality Management