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Lean Office & Administration: What is it about?

What means Administration?

All planning and controlling activities in the organization.

What are the typical activities in the office?

Human work in which information is picked up, merged and further information is provided for the next process step (mostly at the desk and IT supported)

What is the product of administrative activities?

Usually information

What is the focus in Lean Office?

The focus is on processes, in conjunction with employee activities. As in production, we check office activities for efficiency. The focus is on added value from the customer’s perspective. Maximum added value is achieved through the systematic elimination of waste.

Here a some main goals of Lean Office & Administration:

Increase Transparency

Creating transparency in the administration makes it possible to identify waste. It is one of the pillars of the continuous improvement process.

Optimize Interfaces

The supporting functions in administration usually have a large number of interfaces between the individual departments. Since this is often the source of the error, it is important to analyze and optimize it.

Focus on Customer

As in production, the customer focus must also be kept in view in the office. Only in this way efficient and Lean processes can be designed.

Create Mind-Set

Another goal is to develop an understanding of lean. This includes about learning to see waste in order to initiate optimizations as a result.

Lean Office: is it a principle, a method or a tool?

Here you can see the structure of Lean management with its principles, methods, tools and areas of application.

Lean Office: it is just an other application field

Lean Office & Administration is the application of Lean within
an office environment with administrative activities.