Mixed Model Lines

Short Description

The Mixed Model Line allows different products to be assembled on one common assembly line. For example, to not have two different assembly lines for sport cars and another one for minivans. A Mixed Model Line allows batch sizes of 1. That means to produce 1 sport car before producing 1 minivan and so on. That flexibility will result in a maximum capacity usage of that line and allows your production to work according to a very lean process and supply chain.

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Why do you must have Mixed Model Lines?

Increase Capacity

As demand drops before EOP, the Mixed Model Line concept allows you to use free capacities by producing other products.

Increase Flexibility

Regardless what the customer will order in the future you can do and use your concept for any product you like, even for upcoming products.

Reduce Operational Costs

Using the maximum capacity of an assembly line will guarantee to run your production on a very efficient level.

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How do you implement a Mixed Model Line?

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Enabler for:

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Training document – Mixed Model Line (pptx)
Training document – Mixed Model Line (PDF)