Yamazumi / Line Balancing

Short Description

Yamazumi is a powerful way of eliminating waiting time and to increase visualization. It helps you in detecting the individual cycle times of operators and identifies inefficiency. It is the foundation of changing work content and rearranging stations. Most kaizen workshops are supported by a Yamazumi chart.


Why do you have to work with the Yamazumi?

Increase Line Efficiency

The Yamazumi approach is the most efficient tool the reduce line operators and increase line capacity

Synchronized Production

A synchronized production results in a high level of transparency, enabling you to detect and eliminate any waste

Detect Process Weaknesses

Start using the Yamazumi whenever you work on the shop floor. It will help you to define a roadmap for the particular process

Increase Line Output

By harmonizing your production, waste will be eliminated consequently

Reduce Operational Costs

After basic lean tools are implemented, the Yamazumi will be THE tool to work on operational costs reduction

Increase Floor Space

A synchronized production results in less overproduction and inventory blocking less space on your shop floor

Line Balancing Example

Fluctuating Customer Demand

21_Yamazumi_Why 1

Average Demand

21_Yamazumi_Why 2

Yamazumi Chart

21_Yamazumi_Why 3

Average Demand


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Training document – Yamazumi / Line Balancing (pptx)
Training document – Yamazumi / Line Balancing (PDF)