Pull / Kanban

Short Description

The pull process is an approach of replenish your production and assembly lines just when something has been consumed. That principle goes along with the idea of a Just-in-Time delivery. Just bring those parts to the line you really need, at that point in time they are needed. Kanban itself is a process to control a pull process.

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Why do you have to implement a Pull Process?


By reducing buffer between stations, you also reduce the blocked floor space

Consumption-based Supply

Do not replenish parts before the downstream process consumed the previous parts

Eliminate Waste

Pull will have a major influence on waste like inventory, transportation and overproduction


In many cases a FIFO cannot be achieved. Pull will help you to force a FIFO approach in your production

Forces a One Piece Flow

The Kanban Card forces your organization to follow a one piece flow approach. The upstream process will produce according to the pace of the downstream process


By implementing a pull you visualize your process. Faults and waste can be detected immediately

How do you implement a Pull Process?

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Enabler for:

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Training document – Pull / Kanban (pptx)
Training document – Pull / Kanban (PDF)