Operator-Process Flexibility

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By enabling operators to work on multiple work stations, you gain far more flexibility for your line balancing activities to follow fluctuating customer demands. Instead of operating just on one or a limited number of stations, you can rearrange workloads and process steps without taking care of your operators’ skills.

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Why do you have to enhance Safety and Ergonomics?

React on the Customer Demand

Depending on the customer demand you can operate your process with an individual number of operators. In cases of dropping or increasing customer demand you can add further operators or reduce the numbers of operators e. g. per shift. This will help you to work on your production line without having the waste of unused operators in terms of waiting time.

Increase your Line Balancing Level

When being able to mix operators and workloads, you are far more flexible in increasing your line balancing level and productivity. As operators can support nearby operations within their cycle time, make it part of his standard process. Doing this, you can decrease waiting time and increase the overall line output.

Enables Mixed Model Lines

Mixed Model Lines are the most efficient way in producing parts inside a factory. As those production lines and the surrounding processes require highest flexibility and dynamic, you have to enhance the flexibility of your operators to work on several machines, stations and: Different products.

How do you implement the Operator-Process Flexibility?

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Get all your operators close and work according to a common takt time and a one piece flow

Skill your operators to work on several stations and machines within that production line

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When stations are close and operating in a one piece flow, operators can work on several stations within their cycle time (e. g. 1-4 stations at a T/T ~ 3 min)

Use the driving license principle to track the skills of your operators

Enabler for:

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Training document – Operator-Process Flexibility (pptx)
Training document – Operator-Process Flexibility (PDF)
Template – Operator Bar Chart (xlsx)