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Safety / Ergonomics

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When not taking care of safety and ergonomics, accidents may occur everywhere inside a factory. When following the lean approach, we also have to make sure to always be focused on the operators needs. Whatever they have to do, they have to do it in a safe and ergonomically pleasant operational environment. When taking care of safety, tons of solutions exist of preventing operators from any damage but keep it lean and simple.


Why do you have to enhance Safety and Ergonomics?

Keep your Focus on your Operators

Depending on the physical work your operators have to perform, taking care of ergonomics becomes highly important

Get rid of non-ergonomic parts-picking from big Boxes

Operators have to bend over big boxes to pick the very last parts from that box

Place Tools and Materials in front of Operators

Keep picking distances short to avoid operators from unnecessary movements

Keep Safety Solution lean and simple

Avoid two-hand buttons to protect operators, use simple mechanics instead

Higher Productivity

When avoiding cardboard by using returnable packaging solutions instead, you avoid unnecessary handling steps and operator movements

Vary from Standard Solutions

When thinking of safety, most often light barriers or two-hand buttons are used. They are safe but not very efficient. Use simple and safe solutions to even decrease process time and unload your operators

How do you enhance Safety and Ergonomics?


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Training document – Safety / Ergonomics (pptx)
Training document – Safety / Ergonomics (PDF)