Mizusumashi / Tow Train

Short Description

The Mizusumashi is the Japanese term for water spider. The water spider symbolizes a person able to work on the surface between water and air. In terms of a production plant it is the thin line between production and logistics with the ability to swim and move quickly to all spots whenever required.


Why do you need a Mizusumashi?

Just-in-Time Supply

Deliver parts when its needed with the quantity required

Mixed Model Line Supply

Supply mixed model lines in the most efficient way

Transparency – Bus vs. Taxi

The Mizusumashi is a transparent supply concept. When linked to a takt time, delays in supply become obvious

Less line-side Inventory

The Mizusumashi is a highly frequent delivery approach. No further line-side inventory required

Zero Material Change-over

Mizusumashi and a 2-box principle allows assembly line to eliminate the material change-over time

Increased Production Capacity

The doctor-nurse-principle


How do you implement the Mizusumashi?


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Training document – Mizusumashi (pptx)
Training document – Mizusumashi (PDF)
Template – 3M Combination Sheet (pptx)
Template – 3M Combination Sheet (xlsx)