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Standardization drives your organization and processes to work day by day in a common and defined way. When not doing that, you risk quality issues and face the issue not to be able to perform kaizen activities and loose capacity at the production line. Make sure to standardize processes once you improved them.


Why do you have to implement Standards?


Standardizing a process makes it measurable. From then on you can point out any deviation from the standard approach


Standards help operators to work according to an instruction. It will become far easier for them to follow a defined cycle

The Counterpart of Kaizen

Whenever you improve a process you have to freeze that status. Without standardization you would not be able to.

Improve Quality

Standardization is one of the first steps to improve your quality


When not defining standards your staff face issues to work according to your expectations

Improve your Lean Level on the Shopfloor

How do you implement Standards?

Sketch the process using the Standardization Work Sheet

How should the process look like you want to standardize?

Get rid of any waste like double handling or walking distances

Once you identified the ideal process sketch it!

Make sure to simulate the process before handing it over to the operators or group leader

Whenever the process changes, update the Standardization Work Sheet accordingly

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Training document – Standardization (pptx)
Training document – Standardization (PDF)
Template – Standardization Work Sheet (xlsx)
Template – Spaghetti Diagram (xlsx)